Kearney Trust Company, known originally as the Kearney Bank, began operation in 1882. The corporation papers were signed June 10, 1882. This was just a few months after our most famous resident; Jesse James, was killed. Since Jesse was dead and his brother Frank James was a shareholder in the bank we never had any problem with the notorious outlaws.

Our first location was on the southwest corner of Washington and Jefferson Streets. In 1976 we built a new building on the opposite corner of the same intersection. In 1993 we moved to our present location at 310 West 92 Highway. Our previous location was sold to the City of Kearney and now serves as the City Hall.

We are proud of our community. Its success has helped our company grow and prosper. Since we are only located in Kearney the welfare of our town and its school district are of utmost importance to us.

Kearney Trust Company is proud of our heritage and the members of our community.

Mission Statement

We at Kearney Trust Company commit to consistently strive to uphold integrity, trust and exemplary service. We promise to engage in a continuous pursuit in the creation of an atmosphere in which the company can prosper and profit while serving the needs of the community and customers.