Frequently Asked Questions

Q. Will Kearney Trust Company text or email me asking for personal information?

A.  No. Kearney Trust Company does not use text messages or email to request updates on your personal information.

Q. Is Online Banking secure?

A. Yes. Besides using 128-bit encryption, Kearney Trust Company Online Banking is built with several additional safeguards to ensure your account information remains secure. Should someone attempt to access your account using an incorrect password more than three times, Kearney Trust Company will lock out the entire session from use. The lockout can only be cleared by a Kearney Trust Company employee. Should you forget to logout of Online Banking, your session will automatically be terminated after 20 minutes of no activity. In addition, you can now easily and reliably verify this site's identity and security by looking for the green website address bar above. The new Extended Validation (EV) certificate triggers web browsers to display a green address bar and our site provider's name (Fiserv, Inc.). For more information about online security with tips for you to protect yourself, your computer, and your accounts online, click here (link to our Online Security Tips page).

Q. I think I may have locked myself out or forgotten my password. What do I do?

A. After entering your Access ID & submitting, you will see the words "forgotten password?" in blue, below where you would submit your password. It should send you an email with a password to get back on. If that doesn't work, or you are still unable to log on, call 816-628-6666 during banking hours for assistance. In addition, the only person we are able to assist with a particular online banking log on is the specific person it is enrolled under (regardless of whether the other person is a joint owner or not).

Q. How do I view my statement?

A.After clicking on the account number (in blue) of the account, you will need to waive the arrow on the boxed top heading labeled "transactions" for your current and previous statement. If you need to go farther back, go to the option "documents" and you can get statements from the previous 12 months.

Q. I clicked the box to register my computer as a personal computer, but it asks me a challenge question every time I log in. Why does it do this?

A. Usually, this means that your internet browser is set to delete cookies upon exiting. When you register the computer a cookie is saved on your computer for our site to recognize it the next time you log in. Check your browser settings if you are having this problem and you can either change your settings to not delete cookies automatically, or to allow cookies from our website.

Q. I know my Access ID & password are correct. I even clicked "forgotten password?" but I never received an email. What am I doing wrong?

A. Most of the time, if this is the problem you are having, it means you have not logged on in the last 90 days. After 90 days you will need to re-enroll in the online banking system. Also, be sure to check your CAPS LOCK & NUM LOCK, because both your Access ID & password are case sensitive.

Q. How do I make a loan payment online?

A. Click "express transfer" from the above boxed headings and you can then choose the loan to pay & which account you want to pay it from.

Q. I'm not sure if a payment I made on the bill pay system got sent or not. How can I be sure?

A. Call iPay, the company who processes our bill pay system. They can give you details on payments as well as put a stop payment on duplicate payments. If a physical check was mailed out, they can track down when it will get to the post office. Their phone number is 866-748-5825.

Q. How do I get my account transactions onto Quicken or QuickBooks?

A. You are not able to export transactions from your Kearney Trust Company Online Banking system. However, you can add our bank to Quicken or QuickBooks, then after adding the accounts you want and entering your online banking credentials (Access ID & password), you will be able to import transactions. Check your software instructions if you have trouble adding a bank or account.